@BP Designers
Menu with Basic Functions (simple Modification of Rival Playas Menu) and Keyboard Customization will need Toggles for 2 Vision Modes(Night Vision, Enhanced Vision), miscellaneous Asset Packs for UI and Menu Customization also Included in Content Directory.

Starter Kit for 1st Person Story, Some UI Management Assets, and two (2) PostProcess systems are included in this pack.

Long Story short -

1: The Chamelon Post Processing's NightVison seen here: https://cdn1.epicgames.com/ue/product/Screenshot/Key4-1920x1080-13a3fc24dacb843bbe75a8d1c1cb6ff9.jpg
It needs to be Applied to the "Camera Relay to remote Display" system you already built.

2: The "Post Process Shader Pack v.1.2" In the Content folder of "1st Person Story Adventure" root Folder, contains a "Toon" Shader Post Process, which can be very useful in defining the Outlines of Geometry... I am hoping the Post Processing Can be Modified so that the Cell-Shading of the Majority of the view can be Deleted, and simply put: The Edge Detection will be the section we are interested in, to Enable "Enhanced Vision"... Also, Included is a "Survivor Pack," which should contain some Content to Further Assist The "toon" Outlines so Possibly a rather Transparent Version of "survivor Vision" could be Blended with "Toon" Edge Detection, to make a great looking Post Process to Enable an Innovative 'Enhanced Vision Mode."